In the 1980’s and 90’s, Italian frame maestro Dario Pegoretti was the builder to the stars: Five-time Tour de France champion Miguel Indurain and dozens of other marquee racers (Chiappucci, Cippolini, Pantani, Moser, Romminger—the list is endless) made off with Dario’s entire output. Toward the end of the decade, the eternally creative and restless Dario decided to switch gears and moved away from his work as a hired gun for brands like Pinarello and Bianchi and focused on making the single most artful handmade steel and aluminum bicycles in the world. For us, unpacking every Pegoretti that the UPS man drops off is like getting a one-of-a-kind gift from a close friend in Levico Terme, Italy. We love the brand, own enough Pegoretti frames to outfit a good sized race team (come to think of it, we had the only team in the world sponsored by Pegoretti!) and have developed a close relationship with Dario—how can you not be awed by a guy with as much creative energy and passion directed toward making singularly fabulous road frames? The mythology and marquee names aside, we are absolutely convinced that Pegoretti’s Marcelo and Love #3 models are two of the highest performing race bikes we’ve ever owned. Sure, we love carbon and curvaceous high-tech machines, but there’s just something about the knowledge that flows from Dario’s hands right into the frame, making the ride something that just can’t be imitated by a frame popped out of a mold.