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Review: chpt. /// by Castelli

Self-expression lies at the heart of every cyclist. In the way they ride, the way they train, in their aspirations, hopes, and goals. Beyond the rhetorical, though, lies something more bottled-up. It’s the crush, for the racing cyclist, of prostituting […]

BOTW – A Dura Ace clad Team Sky K8

There has always been a special place in our hearts for Pinarello Dogmas. From the latest flagship F8 all the way back to the historic FP Magnesium, they’ve forever been a stalwart on our list of favorite rides. This week […]

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fiz:i’k Antares 00 Saddle


Castelli Chpt. /// Jersey. 1.21




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It’s a fine thing to talk about fine things. It’s quite another to use them every day. At Above Category, we carry a very specific range of superlative products, with which we have first-hand, intimate, and extensive knowledge. We push these products to their limits. Whether it’s a pair of hand-built Zipp Wheels, or helping test the brand new Q36.5 clothing line hailing from Northern Italy, we are out on our bikes using it. This is no museum. It’s a family of fanatics obsessing about bicycles, cycling clothing, wheelsets, and componentry.

Our loyalty to the products we believe in has led to deep relationships with their creators. This personal connection with the people at Baum, Mosaic, Pegoretti, Pinarello, Argonaut, Q36.5, Assos, Campagnolo, Zipp and Lightweight Wheels, allows an unparalleled level of insight and service. We’ve welcomed craftsmen and CEO’s to the shop. We’ve also gone to visit them across the U.S., and in Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

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