Assos Zegho Glasses CRYSTALL MSRP $439.99


The day we tried an Assos Zegho Glasses prototype on for the first time, during the 2011 Giro di Sardinia, we couldn't believe them. So light, comfortable, perfectly shaped to the head, and with no frame floating irritatingly in our peripheral vision, that we might have forgotten we had them on, had it not been for the visual experience. Out of the Assos - Carl Zeiss colaboration were born lenses with what they call Tunnel Vision. The lower third of the lens is clear, followed by a sharp change to reduced light transmission in the upper two-thirds of the lens, which enables the rider to pop into shadowy areas without getting that urge crook the neck down to peer over the glasses in order to be able to see, or to yank the glasses off. The Zegho manage to have a patent-pending 180 degree vision field of view with zero optical distortion. At 27.5 grams and with proadaptive skintouch material ensuring a stable fit and minimizing movement under sweaty conditions we truly haven't ever tried on a more comfortable pair of glasses.



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