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Road frames in titanium and steel are where it all began for the magnificent Australian brand Baum. The expression of twenty years of frame building experience, Baum road frames are at home beneath any aficionado of the road, be they gentleman rolleur, café racer or a member of the peloton elite. Baum counts no fewer than three World Champions among the paying customers of their road and track frames. Each model in the range has features specific to the needs of a different rider.

Good mountain bikes should ride technical singletrack like they were speeder bikes through the forests of Endor. Baum wants the handling to be scalpel-sharp and forgiving enough to absolve sins, so they select and shape tubes, and geometry is designed around you. While Baum mountain bikes have been perfectly at home assaulting the World Solo 24hr Championships, they’re not above summer afternoon mates’ rides.

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  • Baum Corretto

    The Baum Corretto is one of very few titanium frames in the world with every tube butted with an individual rider in mind. The Corretto is Baum's attempt to do away with the usual cycling dichotomies of weight and longevity, acceleration and road feel.
  • Baum Cubano

    The Baum Cubano is a supreme race frame. Butted and formed titanium tubing is hand fabricated into a bike designed to be perfect for one person and one person only: you.
  • Baum Ristretto

    Baum's Ristretto tubeset is selected to meet your specific requirements from the top-most shelves of the original and lasting names in steel: Reynolds, Dedacciai and Columbus. Engineered to within an inch of its life, the Ristretto bears all the hallmarks of Baum's construction ethos: a dedication to perfection that has made them famous.
  • Baum Exserta

    A race and adventure proven design in CSWR certified tubing. Lightweight, comfortable, durable and above all, fast! Baum has meticulously hand crafted the Exserta from primarily straight gauge CWSR Grade 9 certified titanium and tailored to rider requirements, the Exserta is heirloom quality.