We work hard to give our clients very little to complain about. But if there’s one grumble we hear more than we like, it goes something like this: someone phones in and says, “I want to buy a bike from you… but I’m here, and you’re way out in California!”

A proper fit is the most critical determinant of how well a bicycle suits a rider. A new bicycle purchase should always begin with a conversation about fit. And if geographic challenges prevent you from dropping by on your lunch break, here are three ways we can work with you to fulfill your needs. As always, call or email with specific questions or to make arrangements.

1)   Come for a visit. If you live outside the Bay Area, a custom fit is a noble excuse for a cycling vacation to Marin County. We will gladly recommend local accommodations serving a variety of budgets, and we frequently welcome visitors from as near as across the county to as far as across the globe.

2)   Send in your current specs. We are fluent in fit specifications from every major fit system. Whether the system consists of your tape measurements in a garage or a three-dimensional CAD rendering of you in a wind-tunnel, we can apply it to your bicycle.

3)   Hire an expert in your area. If you’ve never been fitted and a trip to AC is unfeasible, we recommend visiting a local shop or coach who has experience with fitting. You can even put them in contact with us directly if you are concerned about losing something to translation.

A few final notes:

Proper fit is an integral part of the process of purchasing a bicycle. It is also a service we offer to riders wishing to improve the fit of their current bicycles.

While new fitting technologies debut all the time, a proper fit always relies on the experience of the fitter. We have conducted thousands of fits and we ground our process on sound judgment backed by many, many years of practice.