Kris and Ralf have collective mechanic experience spanning decades and continents. They work in half-grams and newton-meters, breaking the whole into components, and the components into pieces. You see a bicycle. They see collar, pin, and bearing. Coaxing from these many parts a unified fluid performance, Kris and Ralf aren’t so much mechanics; they are conductors.

The Above Category service center is a celebration of precision. It’s also an incubator and a playground. When a supplier sends us prototypes and asks for us to test them, Kris and Ralf are the first to put them through the paces. When next-gen componentry arrives, Kris and Ralf are there to mate it to a frame. When you want to know about carbon-kevlar spokes, or wireless wattage, or free-float pedals, Kris and Ralf will tell you all, because they’ve used it all, and taken it apart, and put it back together.


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